Caning & Rushing

Mastery in Furniture Caning and Rushing: Elevating Craftsmanship to an Art Form

We are a furniture restoration company that takes pride in our exceptional skills in furniture caning and rushing. With deep reverence for the traditions of craftsmanship, our seasoned artisans are adept at restoring and reinvigorating furniture, ensuring the preservation of their timeless appeal.

Our furniture caning services are a testimony to our commitment to age-old techniques combined with modern insights. From hand-caning to machine-caning, our artisans are skilled in various methods, each delivering a distinct finish that mirrors the unique charm of the original piece. We treat every piece of caned furniture with the respect it deserves, replacing worn-out caning with meticulous precision and care.

In addition to caning, our expertise extends to furniture rushing. Whether your furniture requires pre-twisted natural rush, paper rush, or seagrass, our team is proficient in handling different materials and techniques. We are focused on reviving the aesthetics and functionality of your furniture while preserving the integrity of its design.

In the hands of our master craftsmen, your cherished pieces undergo a process of careful restoration, ensuring they retain their unique allure for years to come. By choosing our furniture caning and rushing services, you choose the perfect blend of tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for your beloved furniture.